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    • Manage your account.
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    • Change your PIN.
    • And more.
  • The Connection and Card Office is currently on Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm. Students, faculty or Staff with an immediate
    need for a new ID card can email our office or come into the office during our hours. Please be mindful that setting up an appointment
    would make the process go much faster and help with social distancing.
  • Please note that the Campus Cards Office can mail out new or replacement ID cards to any campus personnel.
  • In accordance to social distancing guidelines, please try to submit your photo via our ID photo submission tool.
  • The Campus Cards Office will not hold found IDs for students, faculty, or staff. All found cards will
    be turned into Campus Safety and somebody from that office will attempt to contact you via email.
    If you need a replacement, then the cost of the card is $15 for all Claremont college students.
  • To prevent fraud The Connection Card office cannot reactivate old ID cards. If you have an old ID
    card, you will need to surrender the old ID card to our office and purchase a new ID card for $15.00
  • You will need to reach out to your registrar office or student dean first. Once they have approved
    and are made aware, they will reach out to the Card Office to reprint your card. The fee will still apply for the new ID.